October 17th & 18th from 3-4pm
-Introduction to Musical Theater open to those interested in being a part of our next musical. Grades 3-5. We will have 2 fun musical theater workshops to learn more about musical theater. 
October 24th from 3-4pm
-Try-outs. Grades 3-5. Come prepared to show your talent
A theatrical musical production of Disney's The Lion King!
Featuring Humphreys Teachers, staff, parent volunteers, and Humphreys Students

Disney Musicals In School 

Performances for Disney's

"The Lion King" will be scheduled at

HUMPHREYS in April, 2019

In November, Humphreys Avenue School celebrates Native American Heritage. Students learn the importance and history of this culture.

It is never too early to start thinking about college readiness!

Humphreys students, parents, and staff proudly celebrate Latino Heritage in October

The Kaiser Permanente Educational Theater came to Humphreys to educate 4th and 5th grade students about the importance of good nutrition and active play.

Multicultural Festival

In May, Humphreys' students perform at our morning assembly in our Multicultural Festival. Students learn and share important facts about the nations presented. 

Superintendent Visit on March 16, 2017


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